Remington 700 SA A1 Varmint/Target Rifle

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Optional Badger Ordinance tactical knob
A1 has no cheek piece
Reciever close up
Wyatt's detachable mag & Harris bipod options
Closer view of forearm
Closer view of forearm
Closer view
Closer view
A1 varmint rifle with stock color choices

Remington 700 short action matte black heavy varmint barreled action
We lap the lugs, polish the feed ramps and tune the fire control system
A1 2958 series Bell and Carlson Medalist Sendero style stock
Choice of 5 stock colors : black, black with gray web, black with red web, tan with black web and green with black web
Full CNC machined aluminum bedding chassis
Single front sling swivel stud
A1 sendero style hunting stock with wider forearm
Free floated barrel
BDL hinged floor plate design
26" barrels (1 in 12 twist in 308) are standard : 20" available in 308 (1 in 12 twist) and 223 (1 in 9 twist)
Calibers :204, 223, 22-250, 243 and 308
Base price $895

5/8-24 threaded 20" barrel available in 308 (1 in 10 twist) and thread protector $75
26" barrels can be cut and recrowned to different length $80
Wyatt's detachable magazine assembly with 5 round magazine $249 : 223 only available with 10 round magazine $264
Extra magazines: 5 round $56 and 10 round $59
Badger Ordinance tactical knob $85
Harris swivel type bipod, 6-9" or 9-13" $95
Champion pivot type bipod, 6-9" or 9-13" $46
Talley 20 MOA or Flat picatinny rail $65
Other stock colors are available on a special order (8-10 weeks)
Muzzle brake $200
Timney trigger $110
Jewell trigger $220
Tubbs firing pin system $55
Picatinny rail installed, flat or 20MOA $65
Pelican or Boyt hard case $220 plus extra shipping : Custom cut $25
Scopes: Zeiss, Nightforce and others

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